Apple Music launches “Replay 2022” 46 days into the year

Apple Music app

“Replay 2022” playlists have just been shared with Apple Music subscribers. The playlist ranks all of the music that a given user has listened to since the start of the year, and creates a rundown of their top 100 tracks.

Once a user has listened to a sufficient amount of music to generate a playlist, they will be able to see it at the bottom of the Listen Now tab in Apple Music on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

Every week, the playlist will update with the newest order of the user’s most listened-to tracks. It also shows a user their 10 most listened-to albums of the year.

For a different experience, users can also enter into their web browser, to find out more details about their listening time, their most played song, and their most played artist and album. Users can also discover how many different artists they have listened to so far in 2022.

While “Replay” is available all year round, users have reported not seeing much change in the playlist towards the end of the year. Apple is yet to launch a year-end recap that subscribers can share to their social networks, unlike its music-streaming competitor Spotify, whose Wrapped feature provides infographics that are easily and widely shared by users across the world.

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