Apple Music Reportedly Attracts Over 10 Million Subscribers

It has reportedly been leaked that Apple Music has amassed over 10 million subscribers in just four weeks. This progress is bound to have pleased Apple, and has led some music rights holders to believe that the Cupertino firm should publish these figures.

The figures have been reported by the music news website HITS Daily Double, which says that they come from inside sources at some leading record labels. These sources are described as surprised at this rapid rate of adoption during the streaming service’s three-month free trial period, though the ready availability of Apple Music through many millions of iOS devices has clearly helped. The service is also available on OS X, watchOS and Windows.

Some streaming numbers among those shown by Apple to rights holders are actually similar to those being achieved by Spotify. The 10 million subscriber base is another sign that Apple Music is fast making up ground against Spotify, which has about 75 million subscribers.

Apple are likely to add more to this subscriber figure after the music streaming service is promoted through what HITS Daily Double describes as “a barrage of TV spots” surrounding the MTV Video Music Awards. However, it remains to be seen how many Apple Music subscribers will sign up to the paid service after the free trial period expires.

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