Apple named World’s Most Innovative Company

Fast Company has published their annual report today ranking the 50 most innovative companies in the world, and it might not come as a surprise to many that Apple took the top spot. Apple was praised “for delivering the future today”, while Netflix took second place “for mastering the smallest screen” and Square third “for extending the benefits of banking”.

Apple only came in fourth place last year but the tech giant has certainly had a long list of achievements in 2017 that won them the recognition they deserve. Not only did they release the notorious iPhone X but they also unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3, ARKit, and their AirPods. The Apple Watch was a best seller and even skeptics had to admit the iPhone X was something special. Apple is also praised for its software and hardware projects.

To choose who ranks where, Fast Company claims dozens of editors, reports, and contributors discussed thousands of companies to decide on the top 50. They looked at the most notable innovations of each company last year.

Other notable names on the list were Amazon, who took fifth place, The Washington Post (8th), Marvel Studios (11th), Instagram (12th), Walmart (15th), Nintendo (18th), Gucci (30th) and Graduate Hotels, who took 50th place.

Do you think Apple deserves the top spot?

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