Apple no longer guaranteeing iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max before Christmas

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Apple is no longer offering iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models on its website with a delivery date before December 25, meaning many consumers may not be able to purchase them as gifts.

Following higher-than-expected demand and production delays, shipping estimates for the two high-end models have slipped into late December, meaning consumers can no longer order from the Apple website and guarantee a pre-Christmas delivery date.

However, it’s worth noting that Apple often over-delivers, and that there is iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max stock in a number of third-party retailers across the United States and internationally for those who really want to get their hands on a new model for Christmas.

Last week, Apple made the unusual move of telling investors that iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max availability would be lower during the holiday period, revealing that Chinese shutdowns meant that factories are currently operating at “significantly reduced capacity.”

The news came on top of existing shortages for the device, with Apple reportedly underestimating demand for the two high-end models. The company has since switched production on the iPhone 14 Plus over to the Pro models in order to increase its stock.

In the United States, most Pro and Pro Max models now have an estimated delivery date of December 27. The iPhone 14 and 14 Plus, on the other hand, remain available with next-day delivery.

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