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Apple now offering annual subscription option to Apple Arcade

Gamers can now pay for their Apple Arcade subscription a year in advance and save around $10 over paying monthly after Apple introduced a new annual subscription option in the app.

The new annual subscription is available for $49.99 in the United States, meaning users can save $9.89 over the usual $4.99 per month subscription price.

For consumers around the world, Apple Arcade represents similar value, with Canadian customers able to pay $59.99 for their annual subscription, UK consumers paying £49.99, and European customers paying €49.99 per year, shaving off two months of payments each.

By subscribing for a year, you effectively save two months’ subscription cost.

If you want to take advantage of this offer and subscribe to Apple Arcade for the next year, simply head into the App Store app, click on your profile photo, then Subscriptions, and then Apple Arcade, before selecting the one-year option over paying monthly.

Apple Arcade follows Apple TV+ and Apple Music in offering an annual subscription alternative that’s cheaper than paying monthly, though as the company is expected to launch a bundle of its subscription services in 2020, it might be worth holding off for greater savings.

Apple’s new gaming service launched in September and offers consumers access to 100 premium games that can be played on their iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and Macs.

The benefit of Apple Arcade games is that they’re exclusive to the platform, they’re free of advertisements and in-app purchases, they can be played offline, and they’re cross-platform.

Are you thinking about subscribing to Apple Arcade for the year ahead? Or does Apple need to do more to convince you to part with your cash? Let us know your thoughts over on social media and check back soon for more news and rumors on Apple Arcade, every week.

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