Apple offering 10% bonus when you top up Apple ID through Friday

Stock up on App Store and iTunes credits this week and get an extra 10 percent for free.

Apple has begun to roll out its popular App Store promotion today in the same vein as offers promoted earlier in the year.

Users who top up their Apple ID account using a credit or debit card will receive a 10 percent bonus, from $1 (which will offer you a 10¢ bonus) through to $200 (which will offer you a $20 bonus to spend on apps, music, and subscriptions).

In order to add the funds to your account, head to the App Store, click on your profile picture and tap the ‘Add Funds to Apple ID’ button to get started.

Bonuses are only offered for the first $200 you add to your account, so don’t go overboard if you’re looking for freebies.

Limited availability

The promotion is only available until May 10 (this Friday) and is on offer in the United States and a number of other regions, like Japan, but you should check your local store’s terms and conditions before topping up to check whether you’re eligible for the free 10 percent bonus.

Funds connected to your Apple ID can be used to pay for iTunes movies, music, books, TV shows, Apple Music, iCloud, and a number of in-app subscriptions, so whether you want to spend money now or you’re holding out for the launch of Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade and want to save yourself some money, now is the best time to do so.

Whilst Apple has offered this promotion in the past, there’s no guarantee it will come back later in the year, so act fast!

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