Apple offering one-to-one training with Photos app

A new page has gone live on the Apple website with some exciting news for anybody who wants to get better at making their pictures look great with the Photos app.

Apple users in the US can sign up for a personal 30 minute one-to-one training session with a dedicated Photos expert to help them get the very best out of the Photos app. The session will help them organize and share their photos and videos and improve them dramatically with either one click or fine-tune the details.

We can help you caller

The session is due to be conducted over the phone with a specially trained Apple Support Advisor so users can ask questions of the expert as they are going along and guide them with options and features they may previously have been unaware of.

Users need to update their iOS devices to the latest versions and use either speakerphone or headphones for hands-free access to the editing tools during the session. Sessions can also be tailored to the users skill level and expertise.

One-click fix

They will cover the easy one-click fix using Auto Enhance to more specific and detailed adjustments using light, colour, cropping and adding filters. They will also show how to edit Live Photos and Portraits and most importantly, how to revert if you want to undo a tweak or just start over from scratch.

It’s a great learning opportunity and chance to improve your very favorite photos. Sign up today and happy editing!

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