Apple One bundle service leaked in Apple Music Android code Apple is bringing together Music, TV+, Arcade, News+ and more

Apple’s subscription bundle has been leaked in a new version of Apple Music on Android.

Several months ago, we reported that the Cupertino company was working on a new subscription bundle called Apple One, and now it appears that the service is set to launch in the coming weeks, as direct references to the service were leaked in Apple Music on Android.

In the 3.4.0 beta of Apple Music for Android, developers could find references to Apple One, which confirms that the company is working on a new services bundle. In the code, the text string: “Your ‌Apple Music‌ subscription will be included in Apple One starting %s. You will not be charged for both subscriptions,” was found, confirming Apple’s plans for the service.

“You can manage your Apple One subscription using your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac,” the text continued, suggesting that a release of the new bundle service was imminent.

Developers couldn’t find any other information about Apple One on the Android version, but it’s expected that Apple One will only be available and manageable on Apple devices, so it’s likely that although users will be able to access their subscriptions on Android devices, they’ll need to sign up for Apple One on their iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

According to insiders, Apple is planning to launch more than one Apple One bundle, with the basic package offering Apple Music and TV+. The second tier will come with Apple Arcade, and a third tier will include all of the above as well as Apple News+, allowing the company to offer consumers choice and “upgrade” their way through more Apple services over time.

We don’t know exactly how much Apple One will cost, but it’s expected that the service will offer savings over taking out each Apple subscription service individually. Overall, the savings should be around $5 per month, though Apple could decide to cut costs further.

Are you excited to get your hands on Apple One? Let us know and check back for more.

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