Apple orders OLED screens from Samsung to work on foldable iPhone A foldable iPhone could be coming sooner than we think!

Apple is reportedly ordering a substantial amount of sample screens from Samsung to work on a foldable version of its iPad and iPhone devices, according to a reliable Android insider.

The company has ordered OLED screens, which it will use to prototype new foldable iPhone models that will look and operate in a similar manner to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, which has received positive feedback from critics.

Insider IceUniverse told followers on Chinese social network Weibo that Apple has worked with Samsung Display to order a large number of foldable screens, with the idea of Samsung becoming an exclusive supplier.

We already know that Apple has foldable technology patents and that engineers have been testing foldable screens for a number of years.

Recently, it was revealed that Apple had been working on flexible battery technology, which involves splitting the battery into smaller nodes, allowing the device to flex or even come apart whilst still powering a screen.

Other insiders, like Jon Prosser who has a mixed track record when it comes to Apple news, has suggested that rather than working on a foldable phone, Apple is working on a device that has two displays like the Surface Duo, with one of the displays featuring Face ID tech.

It’s important to mention that Apple is constantly researching products for future releases and that, by ordering these screens, there’s no guarantee that a foldable iPhone is coming any time soon. Apple regularly scraps product ideas based on feedback from internal tests.

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