Apple overhauls WWDC app, renames it Apple Developer App

Apple has overhauled its WWDC app and renamed it the Apple Developer App.

The company has made the decision to offer year-round updates and support for Apple Developers, offering “in-depth information from Apple experts all year round”.

Apple has promised that it will offer news for developers, as well as videos, WWDC coverage, and more throughout the year, creating a new “hub” where developers can come together.

“Welcome to Apple Developer: the primary destination for Apple developers and designers,” Apple says of the new app.

“Apple Developer is your source for developer news, educational content, the WWDC experience, and more, so you can stay up to date on the latest technical and community information.”

Users are able to browse news, developer stories, and informative videos, catch up on videos from past events and download them to watch offline and, during WWDC, access the conference schedule, sign up for labs, and watch session live streams.

Users will also be able to enrol onto the Apple Developer Program on their iPad or iPhone for the first time, though this is currently limited to the United States.

It’s expected that it will be introduced around the world in the coming months, but that the company wanted to have it ready in the US for when it invites guests to its developer-focused awards ceremony next month.

Users can auto-renew their subscription to the Apple Developer Program on their phones and pay using their usual method, whether Apple Pay or Apple Card, making it easier than ever to keep a developer account live.

Download the new Apple Developer app from the App Store today, or update your WWDC app to see the new improvements. Let us know what you think over on @AppleMagazine.

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