Apple Partners Invest in Restore Fund for Greener Future Apple has announced significant contributions from its suppliers to its Restore Fund, aimed at supporting carbon removal and ecosystem protection initiatives.

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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Murata Manufacturing, two prominent suppliers for Apple, have pledged substantial investments into Apple’s Restore Fund. TSMC has committed up to $50 million, while Murata has promised up to $30 million.

These investments are overseen by Climate Asset Management, ensuring the funds are allocated towards high-quality, nature-based carbon removal projects that also aim to protect crucial ecosystems.

Launched in 2021 with an initial $200 million from Apple, the Restore Fund received an additional $200 million boost in 2023 to further its objectives. A significant focus of the fund is the development of sustainably certified working forests in South America.

These efforts target degraded pasture and agricultural lands, aiming to cater to the growing global timber demand without exerting additional pressure on natural forests.

Apple collaborates with partners to plant eucalyptus trees, chosen for their rapid growth, ability to rejuvenate degraded lands, and comparatively low water needs. Another partnership focuses on cultivating sustainable forests of tropical hardwoods indigenous to Brazil’s Atlantic Forest.

Some of the land is also being used to restore tree species on the brink of extinction.

Beyond forest restoration, the Restore Fund is earmarked for a variety of conservation and restoration projects, with selection processes currently underway.

Apple has set an ambitious goal to remove one million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by 2025, a target it is well on its way to surpassing.

This initiative is part of Apple’s broader commitment to achieving carbon neutrality across its entire supply chain by 2030. Over 300 suppliers have joined Apple’s Supplier Clean Energy Program, committing to use 100% renewable energy for Apple’s production by the decade’s end.

Apple also urges its partners to decarbonize their operations related to Apple, reinforcing its dedication to environmental sustainability.

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