Apple Pay & Its Impact on Mobile Gaming Transactions


Nowadays, people are divided into two groups – those who use Apple’s products and Android users. Those who belong to the former group usually have plenty of unique benefits at their disposal, such as the prospect of being able to use Apple Pay. Besides online shopping that has taken over the world a decade ago, Apple Pay is used to fund one other very interesting activity – gaming. Therefore, if you are in possession of one of the must-have Apple products and you love to play games of luck in your free time, you’ll be happy to learn about Apple Pay and its impact on mobile gaming transactions.

Apple Pay 101

Apple Pay is one of the most innovative payment methods on the market. This is a mobile payment service that was designed by Apple Inc., and it is available to those who own an iPhone, iPad, or iMac product. Apple Pay works in a simple way – you add your credit or debit card to the Wallet app and you will be all set. You can use this service online, in stores, or in person. 

You might be used to paying for things with your credit or debit card, or you might still be a fan of paper money. However, you should keep in mind that Apple Pay is a much safer alternative, regardless of what you are paying for. Purchases on your Apple devices require one out of three things – your face ID, Touch ID, or passcode. That’s why Apple Pay makes mobile transactions a lot safer – but more on that later. 

What does Apple Pay bring to the table when it comes to the online gambling industry in Canada?

You definitely have plenty of options when making online payments and gambling in Ontario. And you’ll have these options even if you opt for one of the best Ontario Apple Pay casinos on the market, as every casino puts a few different payment methods at your disposal. However, there are certain benefits that come with choosing Apple’s mobile payment service, all of which will make gambling a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Payments are streamlined

Let’s begin with one of the most important things that came with mobile gaming transactions – convenience. Apple Pay is supposed to save you time and make the process of deposits and withdrawals a lot easier. In essence, what saves your time is the fact that you don’t have to continuously enter your payment information when depositing money. Besides, another thing that adds to Apple Pay’s convenience is the fact that it’s available in most online casinos and retail outlets. You’ll be able to use it for other purposes once you leave the website of your chosen online casino.

Security is enhanced

While there are many things people love about online transactions, there are (usually) just as many things that worry them. While there’s no ground to think that online transactions aren’t secure just because they are done over the web, we can certainly see how you might think this. The safety of your transactions can be impaired, but it’s usually because a person isn’t following the right practices. However, you shouldn’t have any worries should you choose Apple Pay, as the card details aren’t stored on any servers. Instead, they are stored on the Secure Element, which is a chip in your device that helps with keeping your information safe. A one-time dynamic code authenticates the transaction, so the risk of fraud is greatly reduced. 

There are no additional fees

Rejoice, as you won’t have to face steep transaction fees if you are using Apple Pay. Because of the low or non-existent fees, Apple Pay can be compared to Bitcoin transactions, which also come with amazing terms and conditions. Sure enough, you won’t be saving a fortune if you play casino games every once in a while, but the situation will be significantly different if you plan on being a frequent guest at your preferred casino.

You can control how much you spend

Nobody thinks that they will be the ones to spend a lot of money on casino games and allow their gambling habit to get out of hand. However, this is something that happens very easily, and it can happen to anyone. That’s why putting some measures of precaution in place is always a good idea, as it ensures that you stay safe. Apple Pay and its impact on mobile gambling transactions has brought about easier bankroll management, as it allows you to set limits on your transactions. Besides, it’s very easy to keep track of how much you have already spent which, hopefully, can be enough of a wake-up call if you go overboard.

There are special bonuses waiting for you

All online casinos will offer different bonuses, which can take the form of free spins, cashback bonuses, and welcome packages – you name it. However, there are some places that want to encourage their players to use Apple Pay when depositing money. That’s why they work on incentivizing them by offering special bonuses and deals. Becoming eligible for one of these will enhance your online gambling experience and give your online casino account a special boost. 

What are your alternatives if you don’t want to give in to Apple Pay and its impact on mobile gambling transactions? 

It’s completely understandable if you don’t want to use Apple Pay or you don’t own an Apple product. That will not prevent you from gambling online. You have e-wallets, eChecks, and pre-paid cards at your disposal, and all of those are great alternatives. Hey, you can even go for crypto payments, as there’s a growing number of online casinos that accepts them.

Besides, you can always use a couple of payment methods when gaming online. With Apple Pay leaving such an incredible impact on mobile gambling transactions, we have no doubt that you will love it after giving it a go. If that doesn’t happen, you can always go on and try other things. 

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