Apple Pay could be coming to Chrome and Firefox


Apple could bring Apple Pay to other web browsers on iOS 16, according to a new report.

In the latest iOS 16 beta, Steve Moser has found that Apple Pay now works with Edge and Chrome, sharing screenshots showing off a “Continue with Apple Pay” button that uses Apple’s checkout page on eCommerce sites.

Other beta testers have found that the same button appears on browsers like Firefox, suggesting that Apple is rolling out support for Apple Pay across all browsers on the mobile operating system. There’s no word as to whether the feature will be coming to macOS, but as Apple looks to boost its subscription and services revenues further, it would make logical sense for the firm to support Apple Pay through third-party browsers.

It’s worth noting also that Chrome, Edge, and Firefox use Safari’s rendering engine, WebKit on iOS due to limitations by Apple, whereas on macOS, they’re free to use their own engines. It could be that Apple will only allow support for Apple Pay on iOS, and on the Mac, it’ll be limited to Safari for the time being.

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