Apple Pay Set for France, Hong Kong, Switzerland & Websites

Apple Pay Heading to Germany, Apple Website Leaks Suggest

The availability of Apple Pay will hugely expand in the next few months. The mobile payment service will arrive on websites this fall, while France, Hong Kong and Switzerland will all soon get it for the first time.

As Apple revealed at its opening WWDC keynote yesterday, Mac users will, with the upcoming macOS Sierra, be able to choose Apple Pay for paying for goods at websites which have integrated this functionality. The payment can be authenticated with an iPhone or Apple Watch paired to the Mac.

The web-based Apple Pay will, however, be limited to use through Apple’s Safari browser – as it also will be on iPhones and iPads running iOS 10. With Apple Pay-ready iOS devices already coming with built-in Touch ID sensors, authentication on those devices will obviously be more straightforward.

It was also yesterday that Apple Pay was revealed to be coming to an additional three countries, for which official Apple Pay webpages have already been set up. These pages for France, Hong Kong and Switzerland indicate which banks and retailers will be participating in each territory.

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