Apple planning iPhone 13 mini despite weaker-than-expected 12 mini sales

Apple is still planning to release a smaller version of its next iPhone, despite lower than expected iPhone 12 mini sales. 

Earlier in the year, we revealed that Apple had struggled to capture users’ attention with the iPhone 12 mini, with just 6% of iPhone 12 models sold in the United States the smaller form factor.

As a result, Apple cut production on the ‌iPhone 12 mini‌ to focus on the iPhone 12 Pro, leaving some to suggest that Apple would drop the mini range from this year’s models.

However, it’s now thought that Apple wants to hold onto its new smaller form factor phone, and though it won’t sell as many mini models as Pro or Pro Max models, it’s still considered an important part of the company’s portfolio.

After all, 6% of all iPhone 12 sales still represents several million units.

There are a number of theories as to why the iPhone 12 mini struggled to connect with the general public, including the little difference in price between the mini and the flagship iPhone 12, the introduction of the iPhone SE several months prior, and the availability of more affordable models in a smaller form factor.

Remember, the 12 mini retails at $699.

The news comes following Jon Prosser’s announcement that Apple wouldn’t refresh its iPhone SE model this year, despite previous rumors suggesting an SE 3 or SE Max would arrive to capitalize on Apple’s price-conscious market segmentation.

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