Apple planning Services bundle for next year

Apple will bundle its services together for a new premium subscription bundle in 2020.

According to reliable Apple sources at Bloomberg, the company is currently ironing out any challenges in packaging its Apple Music, Apple TV+, and Apple News+ services together and offering them for one monthly fee, similar to rivals such as Amazon with its Prime subscription.

The company has made a big expansion into the services market this year, having initially only offered music streaming.

Apple News+, which allows users to access dozens of premium newspaper and magazine titles, was released back in March of this year, though it has received mixed reviews and is reportedly struggling to hold onto its subscribers.

Apple TV+, on the other hand, launched earlier this month, and although the content is of a high-quality, critics have urged consumers not to subscribe as there is so little content to watch.

Apple has only a handful of original shows and is adding episodes once per week, rather than rivals Netflix and Amazon Prime which offer thousands of TV shows and movies.

The report suggests that Apple has been working on a contract for the services, bringing together all of its products into one offering, though it has to appease music executives and news publishers, who will likely see their revenue cut from an all-in-one Apple subscription.

Apple has reportedly added a provision in its contract that allows it to offer Apple News+ as part of a bundle, though it’s unknown what impact this will have on publisher revenue or revenue for music executives.

How much will the Apple Bundle cost?

Of course, Apple will offer the bundle for less than the cost of paying for each of its services individually.

Currently, Apple News+ and Apple Music are priced at $9.99 per month each, whilst Apple TV+ is just $4.99, with many avenues to access the service without paying for it.

Apple could offer them all together for less than $20 and throw in some extras to sweeten the deal, such as additional iCloud Storage for the whole family.

The company has already begun experimenting with bundles, offering students free access to Apple TV+ if they had an Apple Music subscription, though this offer is for a limited time.

Would an all-in-one bundle encourage you to sign up to all of Apple’s services, or aren’t you interested in TV+ and News+? Let us know your thoughts and check back soon for more.

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