Apple planning to add home screen widgets to iOS 14

Apple is reportedly considering adding home screen widgets and a bunch of other new customizations akin to Android in its upcoming iOS 14 operating system, according to a report from 9to5Mac and additional leaks from reliable insider DongleBookPro on Twitter.

The company is keen to introduce new ways to personalize iOS in its upcoming update, and is planning on adding new widgets that can be moved freely around the home screen, similar to the way widgets can be downloaded and interacted with on the Android operating system.

Insiders have suggested that the new feature is codenamed Avocado, and that the company was still working on the feature and that it may not be ready in time for beta release in June.

Alongside new home screen widgets, Apple insider DongleBookPro has shared some leaked screenshots of iOS 14 and its wallpaper customization, which will reportedly introduce a new Collections menu and allow users to add their own photos.

It means users could choose several photographs and have them play in a loop in the background of their devices for the first time, similar to a digital photo frame.

Apple could even allow users to select wallpapers for different times of the day or different days of the week; such as a party wallpaper for weekends.


The leaked screenshot also shows off a new Home Screen Appearance menu, which will allow users to customize Apple’s own wallpapers with their own colors to create endless possibilities.

Users can choose dark, dim, blurred, and normal versions of each wallpaper.

Apple will share more on iOS 14 in June at a new online-only Worldwide Developers Conference, available for everyone to stream for free. iOS 14 will then enter beta before being released in September.

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