Apple planning to release a one terabyte iPhone 13

Apple is reportedly planning to release a 1TB version of its iPhone 13.

According to an analyst at Wedbush, Apple has been working on a new high-end storage option for the iPhone, which will jump the current high-end iPhone 12 Pro Max with 512GB storage to a whole terabyte of storage, ideal for professional users like photographers and editors.

The analyst says that iPhone sales will continue to perform well this year, as the reopening of the economy around the world gathers pace. Apple scored a stellar year in 2020 despite the pandemic closing retail and tightening consumer purses with the release of the iPhone 12.

Should Apple introduce a 1TB iPhone, it would mark only the second iOS device to be sold at such capacity. Apple previously introduced a 1TB version of its iPad Pro tablet. Samsung, on the other hand, has been offering such storage options for more than two years now.

Apple will release the iPhone 13 later this year, though we don’t know much about what the device will look like just yet. Early reports suggest that the company will reintroduce Touch ID under the screen, and introduce higher refresh rates for more advanced AR and gaming.

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