Apple Previews Mysterious “Clumsy Ninja” Game

Let’s be honest, most of the news at the iPhone 5 Press Event today was pretty “expected.” However, there were still a couple little surprises here and there. One being the interesting, albeit strange, preview that Apple chose to display its brand new lineup of iPod devices. Minutes into the discussion about the devices’ beefed up chip-set and hardware upgrades, onlookers were shown a preview for an upcoming iOS game release titled “Clumsy Ninja.”

Onscreen was a simplistic (and cartoony) looking 3D masked ninja, whom wobbled about in place as execs used their fingers to pull and pinch at the character’s limbs. As described onstage, Clumsy Ninja is more an interactive toy, rather than a game. Think back to the old days of the virtual pets or Tomogatchi crazes that sparked in the east. You play with the character, give them presents, keep them happy, etc. Clumsy Ninja appears to be no different upon first glance with the player focusing on using a variety of tools to keep themselves and their buddy entertained.

But according to Apple, this toy is more than a mere “time-waster.” Clumsy Ninja is actually a fully “self aware” A.I. that is not only aware of his surroundings, but is also capable of acting and reacting according to commands and touches. In the demo, the tester used a variety of taps and swipes to manipulate the Ninja’s form, even playfully tickling him at one point. It wasn’t all just mindless prodding though, as a little later in the display we saw the player helping the Ninja train in a variety of workouts in order to better hone the character’s “Ninja abilities.”

That’s exactly where the demo left off though, and the rest of this game’s mechanics are very much shrouded in mystery. And there are actually only a few things we really know about the unique and interesting title. It’s more than likely going to be released during the Holiday season (pending any pushbacks or issues), and its going to feature a full 3D display and environment. In fact, that’s partially why Apple chose this game to demo on the new iPod Touch. They wanted to prove that their new and revamped device had the necessary resolution and hardware to seamlessly handle a 3D game. Part product promotion and part game release teaser.

One thing is for sure though, according to the general laughter from the crowd and the applause at the end of the demo, consumers are both interested and enticed by the mystery surrounding Clumsy Ninja. We will be watching this game closely so stay tuned for more updates as Apple Magazine receives them!

Photo Credit: Apple

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