Apple promotes Apple Arcade in new Super Bowl Ad

Apple has released a new advert promoting its Apple Arcade gaming service.

The company premiered the advert on its YouTube channel ahead of its first premiere during the Super Bowl Halftime Show advertisements, giving consumers an insight into some of the new games that have made their way onto the Apple Arcade platform in the past few weeks.

Apple released LEGO Builder’s Journey and Ultimate Rivals: The Rink in recent weeks, giving Apple Arcade subscribers even more reason to stay loyal to the new gaming service.

Apple launched Apple Arcade back in September, offering gaming lovers access to more than 100 premium ad-free games on their iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Macs for just $4.99 for the whole family.

Apple has promised it will add new titles to the service regularly.

Two of the latest additions to Apple Arcade include the augmented-reality title Secret Oops, and a family-friendly game called Butter Royale, where you must “have the food fight of your life and be the last one standing on Butter Island,” with “sauce-shooting, baguette-blasting modified kitchen tools” to help you on your mission.

Apple Arcade took over the website over the weekend to tie in with the new advertisements and Superbowl promotion. Apple Arcade characters can be seen interacting with iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and AirPods, encouraging consumers to sign up for a trial.

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