Apple ranked 12th most reputable brand in China


Apple has faced considerable backlash so far in 2018, with customers beginning to question their transparency. A new survey reveals in the eyes of customers in China, Apple are the 12th most reputable brand!

As reported by South China Morning Post, The Reputation Institute released its China RepTrak rankings this week. Apple was ranked among 280 other domestic and international companies in a poll that questioned 30,000 Chinese customers. Apple ranks behind other technology giants including Intel, who took first place, Huawei, at second, Google at fourth, Nokia, at eighth, and Microsoft at eleventh.

The evidence shows these other companies are more genuine than Apple, in the eyes of customers in China. It appears Apple’s reputation in China is still tarnished after the Foxconn working conditions scandal of 2012. Those questioned were asked to rate the companies on trust, esteem, admiration and good feeling. Apple’s score was just 68.7, compared to Huawei’s 72.5 and surveyed customers believe Huawei to be twice as genuine as Apple.

This survey is not conclusive, but does show how the various technology giants are seen in the eyes of customers. Do you agreee with the rankings?

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