Apple readying launch of new iMac design at WWDC

Apple is reportedly planning to announce a refresh to its iMac design for the first time in eight years, signaling a change in one of the most iconic desktop computers in the world.

According to reliable Apple insider Sonny Dickson, the company will preview and launch the new iMac later this month at WWDC. It will feature slim bezels, similar to Apple’s Pro Display XDR and iPad Pro, and will drop spinning hard-drives in favor of an SSD lineup with a T2 chip.

Consumers have been begging for an iMac update for a while. Although Apple last revised the design in 2012 with casing and a thinner display, the design of the iMac has remained the same for more than a decade, sporting thick black bezels and a silver bottom strip.

And as Apple slowly transitions products away from bezels – like the iPad Pro, iPhone X, and recent MacBook Pro 16-inch, the iMac continues to look more and more outdated. Now, it appears as though the company is finally planning to introduce a modern, industrial design.

The leak also suggests that the firm will add a T2 coprocessor to the iMac for the first time.

The device would also come with SSD as standard, which will allow T2 to offer super-fast read and write speeds, and offer security benefits to boot.

Apple will also use WWDC to announce a transition to ARM CPUs, though the iMac will likely still feature an Intel chip.

WWDC will also offer Apple an opportunity to show off iOS 14, iPadOS 14, watchOS 7, macOS 10.16, and tvOS 14, and more. New features include the ability to select custom apps – like avoiding Apple Mail on iOS – and introducing a new home screen on iOS, too.

Apple is also likely to make some announcements regarding its services, including new features coming to Apple News+, and the introduction of an Apple Services bundle.

Other insiders have suggested Apple’s AirTags and second-generation HomePod could also be announced at the developer-focused device, but we won’t know for sure until June 22.

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