Apple receive patent for “watch glow light band”

Apple this week received a patent for a “watch glow light band”, sparking rumours that they are considering the use of LED-based light tubes to create glowing Apple Watch bands.

Owners of the Apple Watch are already able to customize their devices thanks to Apple’s diverse accessories market catering to its fashion-conscious customers. With sporty, smart and casual straps available for all of manners of occasion, it may be that Apple are set to push the boat out even further.

If it is to go ahead, the strap will consist of a light tube that will feature the clear tube itself and a light-emitting diode placed at one end to illuminate a light fiber that will run its entire length. That said, with nothing yet set in stone, it may be that there is an LED placed at each end of the tube and with many variations on the theme in the patent; there is room for change. Apple may deliver tubes with refractive indexes, opaque or transparent exteriors, tubes that are extendable or even tubes with a coiled light fiber.

Why the need for a LED band

It is thought that as well as customization options, a basic version with predefined light levels and colours able to penetrate the tubes will also be available. One thing for certain is that if Apple does go ahead with their watch glow light band, they will certainly take advantage of the Apple Watch’s screen to define single tube colours. By choosing to use clear tubes in line with multi-color LEDs, users would be able to change the colour of the band whenever they desire which would be beneficial for those seeking multiple styles. The use of an LED would also prove helpful for road users, cyclists and runners as it would make those nightriders and late night road-runners visible to motorists.

No concept is yet guaranteed as Apple file numerous patents on a weekly basis and of course, not everything makes it to the final product. However, we can certainly expect to see the Apple Watch undergo somewhat of a makeover in 2019, as this is not the only patent relating to the device that has been granted. In November, a patent for an image capturing watch as granted, meaning that we may see cameras embedded into the watch band, allowing users to take photographs or even make FaceTime and video calls.

Apple have also explored further additions to the Apple Watch band including extra sensors, black plates for additional functions, non-invasive glucose monitoring system, batteries, self-adjusting bands and even hidden components in bracelet links.

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