Apple reduces its trade-in values for Macs, iPads, and Apple Watches by up to 42%

MacBook Pro and iPhone 13 Pro

Apple has made significant reductions this week to the trade-in values it offers for some of its most popular products. The iPad, Mac and the Apple Watch ranges have all had their estimated trade-in prices slashed by as much as 42% in the United States.

The Apple Watch Series 3, 4, 5, 6, and SE have all seen their trade-in prices lowered by $15 to $20, which means that someone trading in the Series 6, for example, can now only expect up to $150 for it from Apple – down from the previous $170. The Apple trade-in website also no longer offers a price for the Apple Watch Series 2, although it will probably still be accepted for free recycling.

Meanwhile, the iPad Pro’s estimated trade-in price has fallen from $680 to $655, and the iPad Air can now only be traded in for a maximum of $290, compared to the previous $335.

Unfortunately for those who planned to trade in their Mac soon, they will be the victims of the biggest reductions. The trade-in price Apple is offering for a MacBook Pro has fallen significantly, from $1,350 to $1,000, while for the MacBook Air, it has dropped from $490 to $400, and the Mac Pro’s trade-in price is now $2,000, which is $720 less than it had been before this week.

Of course, Apple can only offer estimates online, and the actual price that you receive for your old device will depend on its year, condition, and configuration, so may not be reflected here. Also note that the above prices represent the most you can expect to be paid by Apple for your device, so it’s possible that you will be offered a lower amount for your old Apple product.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that Apple made no changes this week to its trade-in values for iPhones going back to the 6s model. This means that you can still trade in an iPhone 12 Pro Max, for instance, for up to $650 with the Cupertino company.

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