Apple Release New iCloud App

A new photo storage app for Macs has been released. The iCloud Photo library app is able to sync photos across devices and manage storage. Users can keep original high resolution photos in the cloud and download smaller versions of the files to their Macs, PCs or Apple devices.

The news has been met with a mixed response, with some people raising concerns about security after recent high-profile hacking events. Some also claim that Apple’s prices are much higher than those of companies offering similar services.

The app is able to downgrade the resolution of images when it sees that storage space is running out. However, it is still able to ensure that they can be viewed full-screen. It starts to downgrade the oldest images first.

However, some claim that many consumers still don’t trust Apple after a series of private pictures were leaked last year. Many of the images were of celebrities and were taken from the iCloud platform. Apple said that the hackers were only able to access the photos because they guessed or obtained passwords. However, it has issued security warnings to iCloud users since. Pre-orders of Apple’s new Watch have just been made available.

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