Apple releases firmware update for Beats Studio Buds

Beats Studio Buds

Taking the natural next step after rolling out a new firmware version for AirPods 3 earlier in January, Apple has now done the same for the Beats Studio Buds that were released back in June.

Prior to the firmware update – which the Cupertino company rolled out on Tuesday – the Beats Studio Buds were sporting 9M6599 software, which has now been upgraded to version 10M359.

While – when the news first emerged of the update earlier today – it wasn’t clear what was actually new about the latest version, Apple has since confirmed that it gives the wireless earbuds a number of previously unseen features.

One significant addition is the support for iCloud instant pairing; Beats Studio Buds did not previously support syncing via iCloud, which left users having to manually pair them with each new device. This has thankfully been addressed with the new firmware version.

It is also notable that update 10M359 now displays the Beats Studio Buds’ battery status on iOS devices whenever the charging case is open and nearby, which is similar to the experience enjoyed by AirPods users. Volume control is also enabled by the new update, with users able to take advantage of this by using the earbuds’ side buttons.

Something else that is comparable to the situation with AirPods is that if you are a Beats Studio Buds user, you can’t manually force the update to take place. Instead, you must wait for iOS to carry out the update on your earbuds by itself.

If you aren’t sure what firmware variant your Beats Studio Buds are presently running, it’s an easy process to check. You just need to launch the Settings app on an iPhone connected to the earbuds, before heading to the Bluetooth menu, finding your Beats in the list of devices, and tapping the ‘i’ next to them. This will show you the ‘Firmware Version’ number.

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