Apple releases first public beta of macOS High Sierra

Yesterday Apple release the first public beta of macOS High Sierra.  This was previously only available for testing by developers, but now anyone who is registered with the Beta Software Programme Apple offers can test the update.

How can I sign up?

If you are tempted to try it out, Apple has made it easy for anyone to sign up online. You can also test out  iOS 11 or tvOS.  Once signed up, users can download the beta through the Software Update mechanism in the App Store.

Be warned, they do suggest testing the update on a secondary Mac, not the one you use daily, as these can be issues with beta tests.  Make sure to complete a full backup before installing, in case you experience any glitches or bugs.

What are the new changes?

The new macOS High Sierra will improve the important functions of your Mac using new core technologies.  Apple outlines some of the improvements:

“From rearchitecting how it stores your data to improving how you watch videos to unleashing the full power of the graphics processors, it’s all central to today’s Mac experience.”

The update will also introduce a new file system to organise all data into files and folders, making access easier.  Videos will be improved using High Efficiency Video Coding, allowing it to compress 40% more.  Video streaming will be improved and less space will be taken up when storing videos on your Mac.  Graphics will also be seriously improved by Metal 2 and the new Retina 5K display.

Core apps are being improved too with new Memories and live photos, making your photos app even better.  Safari will now use Intelligent Tracking Prevention to protect your privacy and iMessages can be stored in iCloud.

If you can’t wait until the fall to try out the new features, test the beta today.

About the Author

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