All iWant For Christmas: Apple releases holiday ad…

Apple has released its seasonal holiday ad, this year opting for a fully animated short which they have titled ‘Share Your Gifts’. At just under three minutes long, the suitably heart-warming film incorporates themes of creation and expressing yourself. It follows a girl who is at first reluctant to share her creativity, but with the help of her dog, she eventually sees the light and realizes just how important sharing our creativity can be.

Share Your Gifts!

The portrayal of a teenager spending all their time online is, rather sadly, an accurate one for today’s audience, and Apple’s latest festive commercial appears to strive to change that. It is interesting to point out that the only direct product placement is that of the girl’s Macbook, the logo only really seen for a matter of seconds at the beginning of the video. On one hand, this is rather refreshing as it could mean that Apple really believe in the statement they are pushing this Christmas. But on the other hand, you have to wonder whether specific placement would even matter for an advert so hotly anticipated from such a giant of a company.

Pinched from Pixar?

The film features the inspiring Come Out and Play by Billie Eilish as its soundtrack. This is a refreshing change from last year’s advert. Apple have chosen an up-and-coming alternative starlet to provide the sound track as opposed to last year’s chimerical, in which global pop star Sam Smith was used. The animation was clearly inspired by Pixar. This is a smart move on Apple’s behalf, given the sheer popularity of Pixar, not to mention the recent release of The Incredibles 2.

This year’s much-anticipated holiday commercial from Apple does exactly what a festive ad campaign should do. It warms the heart, ignites the Christmas spirit and makes you want to buy into Apple in time for Christmas, without making you feel like you’re being sold a product. Genius!