Apple releases new privacy-focused ad, shames other smartphone brands Apple makes it clear that iOS is more secure than other mobile operating systems.

Apple has released a new privacy-focused advertisement online, shaming other smartphone brands for oversharing personal user information to highlight the privacy benefits of iOS.

The first ‘Privacy. That’s iPhone’ ad launched back in 2019, showing off some of the digital privacy benefits on iOS, and now an updated advertising campaign features actors telling passersby personal information about their lives, including their search history, heart rate, and credit card numbers.

The idea is to shame other operating systems including Android.

Speaking of the new campaign, Apple said: “Some things shouldn’t be shared. That’s why iPhone is designed to help give you control over your information and protect your privacy.”

The humor-filled advert might be taking shots at other manufacturers, but it’s also designed to highlight some of the best privacy features on iOS.

The actress who shares her credit card number, for example, explains that Apple Pay is able to mask real details using temporary numbers to increase security and reduce fraud. Other people who share internet search history highlight that Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention tool keeps search data secure.

Apple has been working hard in recent years to make iOS more secure and private, fighting against advertising giants including Google and Facebook. In iOS 14, Apple will offer a new opt-out for ad tracking on a per-app basis, which Facebook is said to be concerned about.

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