Apple Releases New Screenshot Specs For iTunes Store

Attention all you future application developers out there. Apple has released a new set of screenshot specifications for its iTunes Store that must be followed if you want to correctly display any screenshots for your created app. And for those of you who already have a current working application that was submitted to the iTunes Store, you can expect to receive an email directly from Apple which outlines all of the changes. Remember that if you already have a working application (and for some reason you don’t receive an email) you’ll have to re-submit some newly re-sized photos so that Apple can update the visual previews for your creation.

This new requirement comes on the heels of the iPhone 5 release, which has a larger 4-inch tall screen (approximately 0.5 inches taller than its predecessors). Apple has been adamant about changing all of its own applications and tools to better fit the upgraded screen. Its obvious that the company wants to use the extra space to its full potential and its bleeding its practices directly into the app development community. This benefits the developer too, who can display better looking visuals with approximately a half-inch worth of extra canvas space to work with. So don’t forget to update your visuals as soon as possible!

Photo Source: Apple Magazine

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