Apple reportedly considering launching Apple Podcasts+ service

Apple is considering the launch of a premium podcast service, according to reports.

The company wants to better compete against the likes of Spotify and Amazon, which have both significantly boosted their podcast numbers in recent years by adding exclusive content and encouraging consumers to switch from free platforms like Apple and Google Podcasts.

The Information has reported that Apple is in discussions about a new Podcasts+ service, which would contain exclusive content as well as ad-free access to other podcasts. The idea is to offer a new revenue stream to creators, and help Apple add to its services revenue.

The move would follow the likes of Apple News+ and Apple TV+, which have enjoyed mixed successes so far. Apple is reportedly struggling to get publishers to sign up to News+, whilst TV+ has a very small catalog of content and Apple is offering the service for free until June.

However, Apple has a history in podcasting, and a move could help stamp on the growth of Amazon and Spotify. Both have made a number of high-profile acquisitions in recent months, which has threatened Apple, and so a low-cost podcast subscription could be the answer.

The news follows a 2019 report that Apple was reaching out to podcasters and creators about creating exclusive shows and content for the platform. It could even be that we see the announcement and launch of Podcasts+ this year, adding to Apple’s services divisions.

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