Apple reportedly planning foldable iPhone launch in 2022, according to leaks

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Apple is reportedly considering launching its first foldable iPhone in 2022, according to a report in Economic Daily

The company is currently working with its suppliers in Asia to create sample foldable devices, with Foxconn and Nippon Nippon sending new prototypes to Apple, which is testing whether the foldable screen can withstand more than 100,000 folds.

The report suggests that Apple’s Taiwanese suppliers have sent samples to Cupertino, California for testing. Apple wants to test the screen and the hinges, to avoid any embarrassing faux pas following Samsung’s controversial foldable smartphone launch.

It’s thought that Apple will still demand on Samsung for the foldable screen panel, and assembly of the new device will be controlled by Foxconn.

The company previously set a figure of 20,000 to 30,000 folding tests for its laptops, and then moved onto figures closer to 100,000. Apple is expected to follow the same 100,000 fold test on its new foldable iPhone.

Because foldable screens must withstand more bends than a typical MacBook, it’s vital that Apple is confident with the quality of the screen and its hinges.

As of yet, the company hasn’t decided whether to back OLED or microLED screens for its new device, but it still has time to test out both options before it enters mass production.

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