Apple reportedly releasing new software for Windows soon New app will work on Windows 10 and Xbox One devices.

Apple is reportedly releasing new software for Windows in the coming weeks.

Apple has offered iTunes for a number of years on Windows, both as a way to purchase and manage music, and to connect iPhones, iPads, and iPods for syncing and management.

iTunes was discontinued on the Mac last year, and now it appears that Apple will replace it with a new Windows 10 experience this year, bringing it in line with its macOS counterpart.

According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, Apple is readying the release of its next Windows app for the Microsoft Store, and though the report doesn’t specify exactly what app will be coming to Windows, it’s likely that it will be a replacement for iTunes, or even an Apple TV+ application.

We reported last year that Apple had begun hiring engineers to “build the next generation of media apps for Windows,” and the job description asked for experience on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP).

This all-but-confirms that Apple is releasing new Windows apps.

When Apple discontinued iTunes on macOS, it replaced it with a Music App, TV app, and Podcasts app.

Apple could decide to split the product into three Windows-focused apps, too, to further encourage people to sign up to Apple Music, Apple TV+, and choose Apple for podcasts over rivals like Google Podcasts and Spotify, which invests in premium content.

It’s also worth noting that applications built on the Universal Windows Platform run on Windows and the Xbox one, so Apple could create a new Apple Music experience for Xbox, or bring a native Apple TV+ app to the gaming console to further bolster its presence.

What do you think is coming to Windows? Are you excited about a new Windows app? Let us know and check back soon for more news and rumors on everything Apple, every week.

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