Apple reportedly set to release PowerBeats 4 in early 2020

Apple is reportedly working on the next version of its popular PowerBeats earbuds.

The company recently released the PowerBeats Pro and then followed them up with the new AirPods Pro, but now it appears as though the next-generation “budget” model is coming.

According to code found in iOS 13.3, which was released to the public yesterday, the new PowerBeats 4 are coming in the next few months and will feature Hey Siri support.

Indeed, code strings in iOS 13.3 demonstrate that users will be able to talk to Siri using their new PowerBeats 4 earbuds using the Hey Siri command, suggesting that Apple will add its H1 proprietary chip to the device for connectivity purposes, speeding up connections to other devices, allowing for Hey Siri integration, as well as improving the overall battery life.

If the new earbuds do include Apple’s H1 chip, then the PowerBeats 4 will probably support the new Announce Messages feature which was introduced with iOS 13.2, allowing Siri to read out messages without users having to unlock their phones – great for on the go.

Apple’s PowerBeats Pro already feature Hey Siri support, though the PowerBeats 4 will likely be an alternative for price-conscious customers looking for a cheaper earbud product.

The PowerBeats 3 are currently available for $199, though they’re often discounted by other retailers.

It’s expected that the new PowerBeats 4 would follow a similar pricing structure.

The PowerBeats Pro, on the other hand, which offers a truly wireless experience, are available for $250, so there’s not much of a difference in it.

Whether Apple looks to reduce the price of the PowerBeats 4 to the $150 mark remains to be seen, but it would give users more choice and offer a bigger differentiator between the numbered and Pro models.

It’s unknown when Apple will drop the new PowerBeats 4, but with Christmas just around the corner, it seems unlikely that they’d push a new earphone product so late in the day.

Instead, we expect to see the new Beats-branded earbuds available for sale in the Spring.

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