Apple Reportedly to Make Record 90 Million iPhone 6S Units

A few weeks ago, we cited an analyst reporting that Apple had ordered the manufacture of an unexpectedly large volume of iPhone 6S units. He didn’t specify a figure, but a fresh report from the Wall Street Journal has. According to that report, Apple has asked its suppliers to produce the iPhone 6S in a “record” number reaching more than 90 million units by the year’s end.

We have also previously cited a Bloomberg report that the iPhone 6S will come with Force Touch, enabling many new features and functions with the touchscreen. The Wall Street Journal story, too, mentions Force Touch as part of the iPhone 6S – and also says that the handset will be available in an extra color on top of the colors that the iPhone 6 is already available in.

The iPhone 6S has been the focus of many news stories on the AppleMagazine website in recent weeks, though many information leaks suggest that the phone will see only minor improvements upon the iPhone 6 model that has been on the market since late 2014.

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