Apple reportedly working on custom QR codes as part of iOS 14

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Apple is reportedly planning to reinvent the QR code as part of iOS 14, according to leaks.

Earlier in the year, it was reported that the company was working on a new augmented reality app, allowing users to scan QR codes and enter into new environments using their iPhone or a connected headset – such as the company’s long-awaited VR and AR headset.

Now, that rumor has been taken up a gear, as Twitter user Unknownz21 – who previously shared legitimate information about upcoming Apple releases – has shared screenshots from a leaked iOS 14 build, showing off custom QR code designs, elevating the experience.

The firm was previously working with Starbucks on a new custom QR code feature, where the Starbucks logo could be scanned into the new AR app and then take users into a new AR experience, where they can show off their Starbucks orders or play around with 3D models to create fun selfies and video content, which would promote the Starbucks brand.

Apple has reinvented the traditional QR code, adding a new circle format so that data can be encoded into new lengths of lines, which correspond to the circumference of the circle.

Apple has added its own logo to the center of one of these tags, perhaps as part of its own AR experience.

Users could potentially enter a virtual Apple Store to purchase new products.

We don’t know for certain whether the company will release a new AR app as part of iOS 14, or whether it will be incorporated into the existing Camera app, but we do know that Apple has been playing around with code and ideas and we’ll no doubt hear more at WWDC20.

Apple is also widely expected to announce its rumored AirTags, a competitor to Title that allows users to track items such as purses, handbags, keys, and childrens’ teddy bears.

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