Apple Retail to Introduce Home Delivery Option for In-Store Purchases In a groundbreaking move, Apple retail store employees will soon be able to offer home delivery as an option to customers during the in-store ordering process. This new service will free customers from the burden of carrying purchased items home, particularly when purchasing larger products like iMacs or Mac Pros.

Mark Gurman, in his latest Power On newsletter from Bloomberg, reports that Apple is set to update its EasyPay devices used by sales staff to include a home shipping option for in-store purchases.

This home delivery alternative offers a dual benefit. Firstly, it enhances convenience for customers buying bulky products. Secondly, if an item is out of stock in the store, it allows the store to still secure the sale and prevent customers from leaving empty-handed, possibly to explore alternatives elsewhere.

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At present, Apple store staff can only assist customers in ordering larger or unavailable items online via Apple’s website using a shop floor demo Mac or iPad, or by accessing the website themselves through their EasyPay device.

Gurman predicts this new option could aid in reducing the physical space required for stock in future stores. He also proposes that this move could support Apple’s retail sales strategy for its upcoming Vision Pro headset. Given the various custom combinations of headbands, Light Seals, and prescription lens inserts for the Vision Pro, if any component of a customer’s desired setup is unavailable in the store, the required part can be shipped directly to them, thereby circumventing a potential lost sale.

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As outlined in a memo circulated among retail store staff, this novel program, termed “EasyPay Online Ordering”, is anticipated to launch in early August.

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