Apple reveals 88% of iOS devices are running iOS 12

Apple has revealed that around 88% of active iOS devices are running iOS 12.

That figure is measured by the App Store and demonstrates growth of 4% on last year when Apple announced in September that 85% of consumers were running iOS 11.

The statistics also reveal that 7% of devices are running iOS 11, and 5% run an older revision.

Of course, this figure includes devices that are not compatible with the latest iOS, such as the iPhone 5S and older iPads.

It is little surprise that iOS 12 has outpaced iOS 11, as several iOS 11 releases suffered from bugs and issues, such as the iPhone X struggling to cope in cold weather.

And because of the high-profile iPhone battery issues last year, many consumers may have held off from updating to the latest iOS in fear of performance or battery issues.

iOS 13, which is set to be released in early September following the announcement of a new iPhone, is expected to follow in a similar path, with upgrades close to 90% by 2020.

The upgraded operating system will introduce dark mode for the first time, as well as a bunch of new features such as a new Photos app, redesigned Reminders and Notes apps, the all-new Find My app, and accessibility improvements making iOS better for everyone.

iOS 13 will also be the first operating system release exclusively for iPhone in many years, as iPadOS was introduced earlier in the year – a fork of iOS 13 designed for tablets, sparking a new direction at Apple.

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