Apple Rises to Seventh in 2023 US Patent Rankings Apple's innovative efforts in 2023 have earned it the seventh position among the top U.S. patent recipients, showcasing a significant increase in its intellectual property portfolio, though not surpassing its 2020 record.

Apple, a leader in technology innovation, has secured the seventh spot in the 2023 Top 50 U.S. Patent Assignees rankings by IDI Claims.

This achievement highlights Apple’s commitment to research and development, marking a notable increase in its patent grants. In 2023, Apple was awarded 2,536 patents, a 10.98% rise from the previous year’s 2,285 grants. Despite this growth, the company did not beat its 2020 peak when it received a record 2,791 patents.

This year’s ranking represents an improvement for Apple, advancing two places from previous standings. The company now ranks ahead of major competitors like LG Electronics, Micron, and Intel. However, Apple still trails behind leading organizations such as Samsung Display, Canon, and IBM, with Samsung Electronics holding the top spot, thanks to its impressive 6,165 patent grants.

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Apple’s increasing patent portfolio reflects its consistent investment in research and development. In 2023, the company spent $29.915 billion on R&D, a 14% increase from 2022. This investment is directed not only towards product development, like the upcoming iPhone 16 series and Apple Vision Pro, but also towards advancing artficial intelligence (AI) technologies, including generative AI.

The company’s robust growth in patent acquisitions underscores its ongoing dedication to innovation and its ability to stay at the forefront of technological advancement.

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