Apple rolls out Back to School promotion in Europe and Asia Great news for students!

Apple has expanded the rollout of its Back to School promotion for 2020, bringing the offer to other territories including Europe, Asia, and the Middle East following an earlier US release.

Unlike previous years, Apple is now offering students and those eligible in the educational sector a free pair of AirPods, rather than the free Beats headphones previously offered.

Users can log onto the website and head to the Education page to see whether their country has been included in the latest promotional offer, but from our reckoning, most European, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries are included, as well as Mexico.

Users who want a pair of AirPods Pro can pay an additional $90 to have them instead of the standard AirPods, or an additional $40 (or equivalent) for wireless charging AirPods.

Apple says of its new promotion on its website: “Qualified Purchasers can receive Promotion Savings when they purchase an eligible Mac or eligible iPad with AirPods at a Qualifying Location. Only one Promotion Product per eligible Mac or eligible iPad per Qualified Purchaser.”

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