Apple says it will let users know when iOS updates will slow down performance

Apple has announced plans to tell users when future iOS updates could slow down their phones or battery performance, following pressure from a UK watchdog group.

According to CNBC, the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s investigating into the iPhone battery scandal has resulted in a new compromise for the Cupertino firm.

Apple will now notify users if future updates to their phone will affect its performance, rather than encouraging everyone to upgrade without taking into account the phone’s battery life.

Back in 2017, Apple hit the headlines after it admitted it was slowing down older iPhones in relation to their battery age, but pleaded that they were only doing so only to protect the integrity of the phones, rather than encourage users to upgrade to a new iPhone and increase sales.

Since, Apple has been running a low-cost battery replacement program, offering consumers a new Apple-branded battery from as little as $29, compared with the usual $79 price tag.

The promotion has now ended, with battery replacements now costing between $49 and $79, but rumors suggest Apple replaced more than 11 million batteries during the period.

Speaking on its website, the UK government announced yesterday that Apple had ‘formally agreed’ to notify users when a smartphone software update might impact its performance.

“Apple had already started to be more upfront with iPhone users, but today’s announcement locks the firm into formal commitments always to notify people when issuing a planned software update if it is expected to materially change the impact of performance management on their phones,” the UK government said on its website.

“Apple will also provide easily accessible information about battery health and unexpected shutdowns, along with guidance on how iPhone users can maximize the health of their phone’s battery.

“This could help people improve the performance of their own handset after a planned software update by, for example, changing settings, adopting the low power mode or replacing the battery – rather than resorting to having their phone repaired or replaced. The firm has agreed to do this both for current and future iPhones.”

Last year, Apple introduced a new Battery Health feature on iOS, allowing users to manage features based off of the battery life of their phone.

Consumers can choose to operate under ‘Peak Performance,’ although older smartphones may shut down to avoid throttling.

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