Apple Secures AirPower Trademark Ahead of Launch

Apple has finally secured the trademarks to AirPower.

As we reported yesterday, the company is on the brink of announcing the new charging mat, which can simultaneously charge AirPods, an iPhone, and an Apple Watch.

Apple had to spend a challenging few months securing the rights to the name, purchasing access from a company which had previously applied for the AirPower trademark in order to be able to sell the device using the name.

Indeed, the Cupertino company first tried to trademark the AirPower brand name in 2018 but soon realized that Advanced Access Technologies had already filed an application for the name. The Advanced Access Technologies trademark was approved and set for an opposition in December, with Apple opposing their trademark in January.


Terminated case

Apple said that it would “interfere” with trademarks like AirPlay, AirPods, and AirPort, although its opposition was refused and yesterday, the case was terminated, with Apple being granted access to Advanced Access Technologies’ trademark, AirPower.

It’s likely that Apple paid Advanced Access Technologies a considerable sum of money for the name, although the company does not disclose such information publicly.

Yesterday, developers found a new AirPower image on the website, showing off the device with an iPhone XS for the first time, suggesting the release was imminent.

Keep it AppleMagazine for the latest on the AirPower and other Apple products as and when we get them. A refreshed iPod Touch is also expected to be released in the coming days.

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