Apple seeds iOS 13.1 beta to developers ahead of iOS 13 launch

Apple has made the unprecedented move of seeding a beta of the first point update to iOS 13 before the main software update is released to the public.

First spotted by Federico Viticci, Apple began seeding the beta yesterday (August 27) for developers around the world, offering them a sneak peek of a future iOS 13 release.

Because of the timing of iOS 13.1, it’s expected that Apple will introduce the software just weeks after the main iOS 13 release, which is why it’s testing the software so soon.

New to iOS 13.1 is Shortcuts Automations, which were removed in iOS 13.

Now, users are able to create personal automations and have actions performed in a specific manner.

Apple has also made some updates to its Dynamic Wallpapers – they’re now available on older iPhones for the first time.

Previously, they were only available to those with an iPhone X or above.

The Volume Indicator UI has also been given an update for AirPods, PowerBeats Pro and HomePod users, with individual icons corresponding to the connected device.

HomeKit has been given a refresh with new icons, and mouse support on iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 now supports the right-click function to serve as a 3D Touch/Long Touch.

Several other tweaks, including Reading Goals for PDFs, better fonts management, HEVC improvements, and the Apple Watch app, round out the changes in this release so far.

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