Apple seeking a sports editor to curate new live sports features for TV app

Along with the release of Apple’s new 4K TV earlier this month, it also mentioned a new live sports feature that would be arriving with tvOS 11. Now, the company are now searching for a sports editor to help lead its content curation.

Apple are looking for someone with “extensive experience in, knowledge of, and enthusiasm for sports, both domestically and internationally, as an editor,” as well as a broader knowledge of television:

We are looking for an experienced editor to lead content curation and programming for the recently-announced live sports feature in the Apple TV app… Collaborate with internal Apple teams – engineering, marketing, operations, analytics, production, design – to define and continually evolve Apple’s live sports product… Conceive and maintain a thoughtful, dynamic, and always relevant editorial voice for sports programming in the Apple TV app.

Sports fans can now enjoy and control more content in Apple’s TV app and by using Siri on the device. Not only can you stream your favorite sports content but you can track your favorite teams, get on-screen notifications for events, and access everything through a dedicated sports section on the TV app. This is likely to be where the new sports editor’s contributions will appear.

Programs will come through the likes of NBA, MLB and networks that regularly stream sports events so you’ll still be required to have a subscription to access content behind a paywall, much like the majority of what’s available on Apple TV.

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