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Apple selling streaming subscriptions through its TV app

Apple will soon be planning to offer subscriptions for select TV and video services via its very own TV app. This will be available for the the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

At present, the TV app includes television and movie content from a range of different providers in one easy to access place, therefore offering a subscription service seems like the natural progression for Apple.

Users can currently access content from hundreds of apps and cable providers, although a lot require their own subscription that must be obtained directly from each provider. These include services like HBO, Netflix, Showtime, Starz, and more, with subscriptions being purchased through a third-party website.

Apple’s subscription service would be an alternative to customers subscribing to a number of video services from numerous apps and providers. It will mean that content acquisition will be streamed for users, but also help to bolster the company’s services business which is growing at a rapid rate.

The company is expecting to launch this “within the next year” although there is no word on how any of its original programming efforts will factor in. There’s currently more than a dozen Apple TV shows in the works although it remains unclear as to whether there will be a dedicated service built for the content or if it will simply be available via iTunes or Apple Music.


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