Apple Sets Sights on Revolutionary Battery Tech for 2025 Pushing the boundaries of innovation, Apple is said to be forging ahead with the development of a new breed of custom batteries that promises to redefine performance standards in the Cupertino firm's devices by 2025.


In a bold move to eclipse existing battery capabilities, Apple has been honing a revolutionary custom battery concept since 2018, as disclosed by ETNews.

This initiative is not a mere upgrade but a reimagining of battery technology, with the company delving into the realm of material science to handpick the components of the battery’s cathode — a critical determinant of performance, energy density, output, and stability. Breaking away from the conventional, Apple’s unique battery formulation is blending elements like nickel, cobalt, manganese, and aluminum in innovative ways.

Venturing further into the avant-garde, Apple is exploring the integration of carbon nanotubes to elevate the conductivity within the battery, aiming to harness the untapped potential of less common materials. Additionally, a pivot towards augmenting silicon content over traditional graphite is on the horizon, in a drive to amplify capacity while also reducing the time taken for charging cycles.

This quest for a next-generation battery type, as yet unseen in the commercial sphere, could be a game-changer, especially for Apple’s much-anticipated Vision Pro headset, which is currently limited to a modest two-hour battery life. The innovation would also signal a departure from the plateau of “all-day” battery life that has been the hallmark of devices like the Apple Watch and iPad since their debut.

Originally part of Apple’s electric vehicle exploration, the bespoke battery project has pivoted towards enhancing mobile devices.

With a timeline set for a 2025 debut in Apple products, the tech giant is on the cusp of introducing a battery that could set a new industry benchmark.

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