Apple Shares Surge After Earnings; Is There More Upside for Apple Ahead?

Next Inning Technology Research (, an online investment newsletter focused on technology stocks, has issued an updated outlook for Apple (AAPL).

Over the past decade, well over a thousand Wall Street analysts, money managers and institutional investors have joined thousands of savvy private investors in gaining key tech industry insights and intelligence from industry veteran and celebrated investor Paul McWilliams in his role as editor of Next Inning Technology Research.

“I value your research more than any others I read,” said one hedge fund manager of Next Inning, recently. And a long-time tech industry analyst for a Wall Street research firm said, “I believe your research and calls are the best I have ever seen in my career.” With McWilliams’ impressive track record and unparalleled industry access, NI Technology Research has become an essential tool for analysts and investors looking to navigate today’s complex technology landscape.

Next Inning is known for helping its readers generate strong returns, and no one has been more accurate than McWilliams when it comes to Apple.

Nearly a decade ago, McWilliams advised readers that Apple was positioned to win big when it was trading for less than $10 per share (split adjusted). While many analysts turned negative on Apple when Steve Jobs died, McWilliams maintained his strongly bullish opinion. However, as Apple was hitting record highs in 2012, he advised Next Inning readers to sell.

Apple fell to close Q2 below $400 before recovering ahead of this week’s earnings report. In a new, detailed report covering Apple’s latest quarterly results, McWilliams outlines why Apple reported an upside to analysts’ expectations, and what really drove the stronger-than-expected iPhone sales.

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Topics discussed in the latest reports include:

— While the market focused on encouraging year-over-year comparisons in Apple’s latest earnings report, should investors be concerned about a sequential slowdown in the numbers?

— Are there reasons to believe Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook will in fact pull a rabbit from his hat this fall when Apple begins announcing new products, or as McWilliams cautioned, “there is no evidence yet that Cook even owns a hat”?

— Should investors view Apple’s latest run higher as a return to its glory days as a mega-growth stock or merely as a “relief rally?” What data did McWilliams uncover in the details that leads him to believe it is the latter?

— Not widely known are the sweetheart deals Apple has struck with both domestic and international wireless carriers and how these deals drive iPhone sales. Could Apple’s strong iPhone sales be attributable to these deals more than it is to the cache of its brand? Does McWilliams think Apple will be able to negotiate deals like these that will guarantee it preferential treatment from carriers going forward or will Apple soon be forced to compete on a more level playing field?

Founded in September 2002, Next Inning’s model portfolio has returned 303% since its inception versus 86% for the S&P 500.

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