Apple show Android uses what they are missing out on in two new adverts


Apple has just shared two new videos, entirely designed to encourage Android users to switch to iPhone from the competition by showcasing the superior experience Apple is offering.

“Take studio-quality portraits without the studio”

The first of the new two videos in the “Life’s easier on iPhone” series, showcases the superior quality of Apple’s camera, in particular, focusing on Portrait Mode.

“Get world-class support from a real person, at an Apple store, on the phone, or online.”

The second 15-second video uses the same split screen design but focuses more on security. The video demonstrates how safe the iOS App Store is, and how it protects against malicious apps. The video also works to promote the safety and environmental benefits of the latest Apple devices.

It is likely both these adverts will feature on TV as well as on social media platforms.

This latest campaign is reminiscent of the “Switch” ad campaign Apple unveiled in 2002, which encourages PC users to switch to Mac. This has been a marketing strategy of Apple’s for years, showcasing the superior quality of their products and encouraging non-iOS users to make the switch.

If you are an Apple supporter, when did you make the switch? Or, if you use alternatives, do these videos tempt you?

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