Apple showcases new Apple Pay Cash feature in latest ads

Apple Pay

Apple has just launched four new ads on their YouTube channel, highlighting the new Apple Pay Cash ‘Just Text Them the Money’ feature.

The focus is on the Apple Pay Cash integration with Messages, showing just how easy it is to send a receive money. Instead of logging into banking apps or online platforms, Apple has now seamlessly integrated the new feature into Messages, using Face ID or Touch ID as authentication.  The ads are very simplistic and showcase ‘realtime’ conversations, with no additional music or text, just the familiar sound of sending and receiving messages on the app.

One ad shows how roommates can use the new feature to send their rent, another focuses on sending a very specific amount after one friend loses the other’s shirt.

1. Rent

2. Lost Shirt

The third and forth adverts focus on sending money for a game, despite it clashing with a friend’s wedding, and on a mother sending her child money after being sent a photo of an empty fridge.

3. Wedding

4. Hungry

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