Apple Showcases ‘Scary Fast’ Event Filming Techniques with iPhone 15 Pro Max Apple has pulled back the curtain on its innovative filming methods, demonstrating how its recent M3 MacBook Pro event was masterfully captured and edited using the iPhone 15 Pro Max and Mac.

In an illuminating behind-the-scenes video titled “Behind the Scenes: An Apple Event”, Apple shares a glimpse into the cutting-edge video production of its “Scary Fast” M3 MacBook Pro event, showcasing the capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Spanning two minutes and 16 seconds, the video, available on YouTube, reveals the intricate process of capturing footage using multiple iPhone 15 Pro Max devices, highlighting the seamless integration between the iPhone 15 Pro, Blackmagic Camera app, and Tentacle Sync.

The use of Bluetooth connectivity allowed Tentacle Sync to drive timecode, ensuring perfect synchronization across all devices on set, including Macs and preview screens. The production team also utilized a range of Beastgrip accessories, including cages and rigs, along with cranes, dollies, gimbals, and drones to enhance the filming process.

The video features interviews with directors, producers, and editors, who delve into how the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s advanced capabilities facilitated shooting in low light conditions, a scenario typically challenging for standard video cameras. The production received expert guidance from Jon Carr, Apple’s Pro Workflow video specialist with credits in Top Gun: Maverick and Terminator: Dark Fate, and Jeff Wozniak, known for his work on Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Avatar, and Iron Man 2.

Stefan Sonnenfeld, CEO of Company 3 and renowned colorist for projects including Stranger Things, The Equalizer 3, and Fast X, expressed his admiration for the footage quality captured by the iPhone 15 Pro Max. “When I first got the footage from iPhone 15 Pro Max, I was immediately pleasantly surprised. The quality of the image on iPhone 15 Pro Max is incredible,” Sonnenfeld noted, emphasizing the device’s capability to stand up to professional production demands.

Additionally, the video specialists highlighted the advantages of shooting directly to external storage and utilizing Apple Log to unlock greater dynamic range during post-production, showcasing the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s versatility and power.

The iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max boast an upgraded camera system, featuring a main camera with a larger sensor, a novel coating to minimize lens flare, optical image stabilization, and enhanced low light performance for Portraits and Night mode, solidifying Apple’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of mobile videography.

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